tl;dr: To build a car cradle, I glued a wireless Qi charger to a suction cup. It works really well. I glued a bluetooth audio adapter on top. Pics below.

DIY: My Nexus 4 Wireless Car Cradle

I own a Nexus 4. I love it.

It has wireless charging!

The problem is: there are no wireless chargers. Google posted pictures of a Nexus charging orb, but those .jpgs don't charge my Nexus.

After asking several stores and some googling I concluded:

I also concluded:

Philips Qi Charger

The best deal in Germany was the Philips Qi Charger for the iPhone 4. It seems no iPhone owner wanted one, so they are cheap on Amazon.

The Philips charger works great with the Nexus 4:

I didn't measure charging times. What did you expect from someone too lazy to plug a charger to his phone?

My Favorite Car App #1: Google Maps Navigation

The problem is: there are no car cradles. Google didn't even post a picture of a Nexus car cradle, and well, even if they did, that .jpg probably wouldn't cradle my Nexus.

My Favorite Car App #2: Howard Stern Radio

The problem is: my car has no bluetooth. I would like to blame that on Google too, but can't find a way.

What's wireless charging worth if I still have to plug in the aux jack every time?

Building my Wireless Car Charger

Basically I glued the following parts on top of each other, using heavy duty mounting strips:

The charging plate runs on 12V DC, so I could simply connect it to a cigarette lighter socket. I soldered:

A triumph of laziness

It's no beauty, but it works great and eliminates a lot of hassle for me:


I own a Nexus 4. I love it. I wouldn't trade it for an iPhone 5. Or I would, then sell it, buy a new Nexus 4 and make like $300.

Can anyone please build a better wireless car charging cradle for my Nexus 4? Kickstarter anyone?